Making a Case for Brunch

Night Heron Jacob Pate is the rare chef that loves brunch. We talked to him about why he considers brunch a personal challenge as a chef, his favorite dishes on the Night Heron brunch menu and whether a good patio is a necessity for a proper brunch. 

Night Heron executive chef Jacob Pate

Night Heron executive chef Jacob Pate

Chefs notoriously hate brunch. What do you love about it?

Brunch can be challenging due to the fact that it's only two days a week. Once you get past the preparation I love it because its super fast paced and we serve some of my favorite foods to cook and eat.

Which dish and which cocktail do you think best represent your vision of brunch at Night Heron? Why?

I would have to pick the Monte Cristo and the Painkiller. Tiki bars and diners are my favorite places. Just give me something battered and fried and a rum cocktail, and i'm set.

Painkiller and Monte Cristo 

Painkiller and Monte Cristo 

Do you have any tips for guests on how to make the most out of brunch?

Spend brunch with friends, and order a lot of dishes and share. I always want to try it all.

True or false: A great patio is key to a fantastic brunch spot.

Patios are a must have, even in the summer. Houston mornings are great for patios.

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