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3rd Annual Say Hello and Goodbye to Our Pappy

You’re cordially invited to our 3rd annual “Say Hello and Goodbye To Our Pappy” event at Eight Row Flint.

Every year at this time, the beverage industry loses its mind, stressing over Van Winkle allocations since each bar and restaurant is only allocated a certain number of bottles, if any.


In reality, the whole thing is a nightmare for everyone involved. Here’s how it works: The Van Winkles allocate to each state and state distributor, and then those distributors will send allocations over to local Class B Distributors (like Spec’s and Goody Goody) to organize and manage their own in-house allocations to finally allow that juice to land in our bars and restaurants.

Then restaurant/bar owners spin out of control threatening to change suppliers if they don’t get what they expected to get, even making claims that without the Old Man sitting on the back bar, they’re hardly a legitimate establishment.

Well, we think this is all super silly. So for one day and one day only, we are giving the stuff away at our cost. Prices will range from $6 for 1.5 oz of Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year to $30 for 1.5 oz of Pappy 23. We think that as many people in the world should try this delicious juice as absolutely possible.

There are a few rules:

1) Everyone that walks in the door will be given an obnoxiously bright wrist band and a number, based on arrival time.

2) We are enforcing a limit of one Pappy per person (we want to spread the Pappy love around).

3) You cannot have someone with you purchase a Pappy for you, you silly goose.

4) When you place your Pappy order, we will take a very sophisticated Sharpie marker and write a big fat “X” on your wristband. This will let everyone in the bar know that you’re a connoisseur of fine bourbon and that you’ve already had your allocation.

5) Because we realize that your appetite might not yet be satiated, we will be running more drink specials throughout the evening (for example, on our list of proprietary barrels of bourbon that line our back bar in barrels)

6) If you ask for seconds or try to scam your way into seconds, we will try our very best to embarrass you in front of everyone at the bar for being greedy. We might even kick you out for the fun of it.

7) Behave and be nice. This is going to be fun for everyone.

And don’t worry. We’ll have specials from Weller, Blanton’s and Buffalo Trace all night—long after the Pappy is gone!

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