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Outdoor Cooking Series: Revival Reunion

  • Eight Row Flint 1039 Yale Street Houston, TX, 77008 United States (map)

Eight Row Flint's Outdoor Cooking Series continues in August with a Revival Reunion! Each week, a former staff member of Revival Market will return to the family to cook on the patio and showcase their skills. 

This week: Sam Chang.

Then: Line cook, 2011-2012.

Now: After working in the kitchens of Oxheart, Underbelly and Revival Market, he now works in restaurant operations analysis at a local restaurant group.

What he's cooking: Taiwanese fried chicken sandwiches and Taiwanese-style grilled street corn.

"Being Taiwanese, I've always wanted to turn people on to the kinds of things that I ate growing up. In Taiwan, they coat their fried chicken in a coarse sweet potato flour that has a texture that's unlike anything else I've come across. It gives the chicken some extra crunch, and I've always felt that it needs to be made into a sandwich. The street corn is a straight-up replica of what you'll find at night markets in Taiwan. It's glazed in sweet chili sauce and then basted in Sachajang butter, which is a paste made with garlic, shallots, chilis and dried seafood."

Sam Chang Sandwich.jpg