We're Expanding to EaDo!

We’re glad to be a part of the growth in EaDo. This neighborhood is truly rooted in Houston culture—it’s the neighborhood of Old Chinatown, warehouses and railroads, but now it’s become a walkable extension of Downtown. It’s a blossoming neighborhood that we want to be a part of. 

We're also happy to announce that our longtime culinary director Vincent Huynh will partner with us in EaDo. He's worked with us for six years, starting as a cook at Revival Market and rising through the ranks to culinary director of all concepts. He’ll continue to oversee kitchen operations at Revival Market, Coltivare and Eight Row Flint, in addition to his full partnership in the EaDo concepts. 

Vincent has been a great partner for a long time, and we’ve finally made it official. The three of us have worked together so long that it was a natural extension of Agricole Hospitality to give him a personal stake in the success of our projects. He’s essential to our team.

Vincent Huynh

Vincent Huynh

We were offered a large space in EaDo on the corner of St. Emanuel and Dallas—too big for one concept—so we put a lot of thought into what kind of restaurants and bars would thrive in this rapidly changing neighborhood. We plan to open all three concepts in early 2018. 

Indianola was the main port of entry for European immigrants finding their way to the Texas in the mid-1800s.  Morgan’s entire ancestry landed in Indianola in the 1870s.  To the partners—each of whom have very different cultural backgrounds (Ryan’s family came through Ellis Island and Vincent’s through San Francisco)—Indianola represents the place where America converged and then dispersed. The food at Indianola will come together similarly, interpreting through the Agricole mindset, dishes from the American canon that one could comfortably partake of everyday.  

Dishes guests know, recognize and want to eat will be prepared using our sensibilities—a dedication to real, fresh food that’s locally sourced whenever possible. Great care makes great food. We care a lot about the quality of food we’re serving and the quality of service we’re providing. Our commitment to sourcing and using quality products will continue with Indianola.

We're approaching this concept, which will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, as a neighborhood restaurant for EaDo. We’ve learned so much about what our guests want through Revival Market and Coltivare. We’re taking that knowledge and bringing it to EaDo.

The 3,000-square-foot restaurant is driven first and foremost by hospitality—a beautiful space that also feels comfortable, a spot that’s perfect for date night or a weekday dinner with your family. Expect a space that’s bright, airy and clean with lots of light shining through big windows. The 100 seats inside are made up of comfortable booths and banquettes and 20 counter seats facing the kitchen.  There’s seating for 30 on the patio. 

We’re stepping away from the rustic look of Revival and Coltivare. This restaurant will look very different from our concepts in The Heights.  More modern, sleek, bright.

Miss Carousel
A 5,000-square-foot bar is attached to Indianola via a corridor. Miss Carousel, named after a Townes Van Zandt song that played frequently in the early days on a Revival Market playlist, will function as both a destination bar and a lounge for the restaurant. Miss Carousel will be a great destination bar as well as a fantastic place to lounge with cocktail service before enjoying a meal at Indianola. 

The space is designed in living room vignettes with well-furnished couches, chairs, rugs and a fireplace. There’s also a secluded courtyard with 20-foot walls that open to the sky that’s positioned to become one of the most coveted hideaways in the downtown area. 

The menu, meant to be easy to navigate without intimidation, will have 25-30 cocktails grouped in familial categories, familiar to most drinkers (sours, collins, highballs, spritzes). For example, in the sour category, most guests have had a margarita, but may not be familiar a sophisticated cousin in the same family.  Two-thirds of the menu will be original cocktails, guided by the classics that make up the rest of the menu. 

We've been thinking a lot about the cocktail movement and where we are. We all took cocktails from the 19th and 20th centuries and opened up fussy speakeasy-style cocktail bars. With Miss Carousel, we want to move beyond that. We realize that the cocktail quality in restaurants and bars nationwide is much higher, but what lies beyond that? What about comfort? What about hospitality? What about sitting with a group of friends—some of whom just want a great Margarita and others that want a drink that pushes the envelope—but in an extremely comfortable space that feels more like you're kicking back in someone's living room, rather than in a modern cocktail bar full of pretension. The great booze, amazing glassware, fresh citrus, and perfect ice should be a given at this point. This bar is about the guest being comfortable and drinking exactly the way he/she wants.

An edited version of the restaurant menu will be available inside Miss Carousel, as well as slices from Vinny’s. We know our guests are interested in unique food offerings on special nights, and a small kitchen inside the bar will offer revolving off-menu specials. 

The bar will be open seven days a week, 2pm-2am. All menus are available the entire time the bar is open. 

With the tagline “A Slice is Nice,” Vinny’s will be a fast-casual spot focusing on pizza by the slice and delivery. The pizza will be very different from the pizza served at Coltivare, but we aren’t limiting Vinny’s to a singular style. We're lovers of all sorts of pizza, so expect more than one style on the menu.  

EaDo Renderings_Page_04.jpg

We know pizza. This is our place for you when you really want a slice.

The restaurant is small—30 seats inside and 20 on the patio—with fast counter-service. A tightly edited selection of wine and beer from the Agricole brain trust will be served and available alongside pizza delivery. 

The design will be modern and bright with a lot of neon. Vinny’s will be open for lunch, dinner and late night with delivery available the entire time. 

Agricole Private Dining
A private event space offers a malleable area for parties from 10 to 150 people. The full kitchen and full bar gives the staff the ability to execute events of all sizes and styles. 

We look forward to serving you in EaDo, in addition to our spots in The Heights. We can't thank you enough for your continued support. Cheers! 

- Morgan and Ryan 

Lindsey Brown