It wasn’t until Prohibition that American whiskey was commonly sold in bottles. Before that, when a saloon or bar bought whiskey, they purchased a certain number of barrels. Bottles were expensive, and it was common practice for the patron to bring their own bottles to be filled by the barkeep from his barrels of whiskey. When bottling became affordable and mechanized, the idea that a single barrel of whiskey could stand on its own eventually died out completely. In 1984, Buffalo Trace’s Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee began selecting superior barrels of whiskey and bottling it one barrel at a time. Under Elmer T’s watchful eye, Blanton’s, the first single barrel of bourbon since Prohibition, was born.

Eight Row Flint continues this single barrel tradition by traveling to distilleries, visiting the rickhouses where the bourbon rests, and tasting these whiskeys straight from the barrel. When we discover whiskey that we cannot live without — just like Elmer T. was searching for over 25 years ago — we buy up the whole barrel.

The following bourbons were selected by Morgan Weber and are available only at Eight Row Flint.

Eight Row Flint Solera Infinity
Infinity Blend: That's right, the massive glass demijohn in the middle of the bourbon tower.

That glass monster contains our house-blend of every single barrel that has ever walked through our doors. Currently that list includes: Eagle Rare Barrels 1 & 2, Weller Antique Barrels 1 & 2, Buffalo Trace Barrel 1, Knob Creek Barrel 1, 2, and 3. Knob Creek 25th Anniversary, Whistlepig 10 year Barrels 1, 2, 3 & 4, Whistlepig 12-year Bespoke, 1792 Barrel 1, Old Forester Barrel 1, Russell’s Reserve Barrels 1, 2, 3 & 4, Woodford Reserve Barrel 1, Jefferson's, Four Roses Barrels 1 & 2, Elijah Craig Barrel 1, Maker's Select, Kentucky Spirit Barrels 1 &2, Willett Bourbon, Willett Rye.

This barrel will constantly evolve and change over the months and years, but will remain one of the most interesting offerings in our meek establishment. 

Appalachian Peach Brandy
Aged in toasted and lightly charred 24-month dry-aged American white oak barrels. An ode to one of the oldest spirits types ever to be made in America. 100 percent Georgia Belle peaches. Fermented and distilled in the style of French Calvados. Bright peach on the nose, floral and completely dry. 

Appalachian Corn Whiskey
Aged 6 years. Cut to 110° at bottling
Aged for six summers in American oak. Recipe from the Lovell family's tradition dating back from 1863. Malted Hickory Cane corn, rye and malted barley. Beautiful caramel and butterscotch nose, along with mature corn. Spicy palate with subtle, evolving cinnamon.  

Maker's Select
Cut to 110.5° at bottling
Nose: Notes of vanilla, oak and spiced coffee.
Palate: Heavy on French spice, balanced with seared French cuvee and a hint of mocha.
Finish: Longer on the front of the palate.   

Old Weller Antique
Aged 7 years, Cut to 107° at Bottling
Nose: Subtle hints of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch.
Palate: Moments of sweetness with an alcohol bite.
Finish: Not overly complex. A hint of heat will definitely let you know it's there. 

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary
Aged 13 1/2 years, cut to 120° at Bottling
Nose: Cinnamon sticks, oak and tobacco leaf.
Palate: Heavy on the tongue and bold. Toasted oak, allspice and clove. 
Finish: Lingering long, leaving you craving for more. 

Russell's Reserve - Warehouses K & M
Aged 10 years, Cut to 100° at Bottling 

Warehouse K:
Nose: Tobacco and spice.
Palate: Peter Pan peanut butter.
Finish: Very long and evolving finish (full 60 seconds). 

Warehouse M:
Nose: Heavy rye whiskey spice. Spearmint, wintergreen, with a little bit of burnt sugar.
Palate: Caramel and butterscotch that coats the entire tongue.
Finish: Very clean and long finish (completely different compared to Warehouse K).

Warehouse B:
Nose: Caramelized stone fruit and extremely interesting. Top-floor spice.
Palate: Slightly medicinal and fantastic salinity. Hits you in the back of the jaw. Great balance of stone fruit and nut butters.
Finish: Crazy long and complicated AF.

Warehouse D:
Nose: Peaches and plums, cinnamon and allspice.
Palate: Tannic but balanced with a massive amount of structure. 
Finish: Snickers.

Four Roses OESQ
Aged 8 years 9 months, Cask Strength at 126.4°
Nose: Nice and spicy.
Palate: Black pepper, clove, and cinnamon.
Finish: Very complicated and long. Recommend this sucker over and over.

Four Roses OESV
Aged 10 years 4 months, Cask Strength at 113.2°
Nose: Toasted butterscotch, burnt caramel.
Palate: Earthy, peacans toasted over campfire.
Finish: Coats your tongue with a warm bite and lingers a bit.

Whistle Pig 10 Year Rye
Aged 10 years, Cask Strength at 112.5°
Nose: Spicy and floral. 
Palate: Classic, pink bubblegum fresh out of the wrapper and a little oak. 
Finish: Long, evolving finish.
Aged 10 years, Cask Strength at 120°
Nose: All of the mint. 
Palate: Hazelnut with a slight salinity. 
Finish: Longfinish that stays with you until you take the next sip.

Whistle Pig Old World Bespoke Blend
Aged 12 years, Cut to 96° at Bottling
Nose: Toasted oak with toffee and plum.
Palate: Sweet, spicy and herbal flavors.
Finish: Peppery spice dominates the finish, reminding you it's a rye. 

Aged 6 years, Cut to 90° at Bottling
Nose: This is our anti-bourbon bourbon. Iodine and medicinal herbs.
Palate: Cocaine, dried peaches, rusty paint cans, New Orleans-style pralines.
Finish: It's all Werther's Original. 

Willet Family Estates - Storm Dollar
Collaboration with Silver Dollar, Louisville, Kentucky
Aged 6 years, 131.2° Cask Strength
Nose: Reminiscents of classic dusty antique bottles from the ‘50s and ‘60s.
Palate: Rich berries, and delicate spices balanced by oak and dry sassafras
Finish: Insanely long and complicated. Served with a fat ice cube on the side.
Aged 6 years, 116° Cask Strength
Nose: Rich rye, spice, and cinnamon. Balanced oak and hints of cedar.
Palate: lots of grip, evolving Mexican chocolate and lingering cinnamon.
Finish: Very complex and intricate.

Copper & Kings - Brandy
123° Cask Strength
Nose: Butterscotch and burnt cotton candy.
Palate: Beautiful fruit, balanced oak, black paper and spicy cinnamon. 
Finish: Doesn't linger for too long. Hint of fire at the end. 

Kentucky Spirit - Camp Nelson
Aged 10 years, Cut to 101° at Bottling

Warehouse F:
Nose: Cinnamon, tobacco, petroleum.
Palate: Caramel and jasmine.
Finish: Floral and evolving. Long, complicated finish. 

Kentucky Spirit
Aged 10 years, Cut to 101° at Bottling

Warehouse K:
Nose: Toffee, cola nuts, vanilla.
Palate: Super traditional Wild Turkey, Jimmy Russell style. 
Finish: Expected for that WT profile, but super fucking delicious in the best way. 

Old Forester
Aged 5 years, Cut to 90° at Bottling
Nose: Incredibly pleasant nose.
Palate: Cigar, tobacco spicebomb.
Finish: Very sophisticated finish (like your old college professor). 

Whiskey Flights

Eight Row Flight
After tasting barrel after barrel of bourbon, eventually finding the best and most unique, we bought the whole barrel and brought it back to the Heights. Please enjoy these fine whiskeys hand-selected by Morgan Weber.
Woodford Single Barrel - Russell's Reserve - Kentucky Spirit

It's All About the Barrel
Follow this whiskey on its path from white corn whiskey into 10-year-old bourbon. All three of these whiskeys use the same traditional bourbon mash bill of mostly corn, finished with some rye and malted barley. Here, we see how the exact same mashbill (recipe) can taste so drastically different, based on where and how long it is aged.
Buffalo Trace - Elmer T. Lee - Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch

The Rye Flight
Rye whiskey was the prevalent whiskey of the northeastern states, especially Pennsylvania and Maryland, but largely disappeared after Prohibition. In the United States, “rye whiskey” is, by law, made from a mash of at least 51 percent rye.
Rittenhouse Rye 100 - Whistle Pig 10yr - Woodford Rye

Well-Seasoned Whiskey
Finishing whiskey in barrels that originally housed another spirit is not a new concept. These three selections derive so much of their flavor from their respective barrel finishes: rye in Vermouth and French oak casks, bourbon in Sherry butts, and finally a bourbon in Chinato Vermouth barrels.
Jefferson Pritchard Cask - Belle Meade 9yr Sherry Finish - Whistle Pig Old World Bespoke Blend

Where There's Smoke
For generations, Scottish whisky makers have used peat smoke to dry their barley malt and impart a distinct flavor profile. New craft distilleries in the states have taken this whiskey making tradition to another level by using not only peat but different wood smokes to create big, bold, but still balanced whiskey.
Laphroig 10 yr - High West Campfire - Balcones Brimstone

Mexico flight

Tequila Ocho - Rey Campero Tepextate Mezcal - Flor Del Desierto Sotol - La Venenosa Black Label Raicilla