It wasn’t until Prohibition that American whiskey was commonly sold in bottles. Before that, when a saloon or bar bought whiskey, they purchased a certain number of barrels. Bottles were expensive, and it was common practice for the patron to bring their own bottles to be filled by the barkeep from his barrels of whiskey. When bottling became affordable and mechanized, the idea that a single barrel of whiskey could stand on its own eventually died out completely. In 1984, Buffalo Trace’s Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee began selecting superior barrels of whiskey and bottling it one barrel at a time. Under Elmer T’s watchful eye, Blanton’s, the first single barrel of bourbon since Prohibition, was born.

Eight Row Flint continues this single barrel tradition by traveling to distilleries, visiting the rickhouses where the bourbon rests, and tasting these whiskeys straight from the barrel. When we discover whiskey that we cannot live without — just like Elmer T. was searching for over 25 years ago — we buy up the whole barrel.

The following bourbons were selected by Morgan Weber and are available only at Eight Row Flint.

Eight Row Flint Solera Infinity
Infinity Blend: That's right, the massive glass demijohn in the middle of the bourbon tower.

That glass monster contains our house-blend of every single barrel that has ever come through our doors. Currently, that list includes: Eagle Rare Barrels 1&2; Weller Antique Barrels 1&2; Buffalo Trace Barrel 1; Knob Creek Barrel 1, 2 & 3; Knob Creek 25th Anniversary; Whistlepig 10 Year Barrels 1&2; Whistlepig 12-Year Bespoke; 1792 Barrel 1; Old Forester Barrel 1; Russell's Reserve Barrels 1&2; Woodford Reserve Barrel 1; Jefferson; Four Roses; and Elijah Craig Barrel 1, Maker's Select. 

This barrel will constantly evolve and change over the months and years, but will remain one of the most interesting offerings in our meek establishment. 

Whistle Pig Old World Bespoke Blend
Aged 12 Years, Cut to 96° at Bottling
Aged approximately 12 years, this 100% Monongohila-style rye is a blend of barrel-finished rye by owner Morgan Weber. This blend shows off the Sauternes: 75% Sauternes casks, 20% Madeira casks and 5% port wine casks.Simply put, this is one of the best proprietary barrels we've ever had, and we're basically giving it away.

Maker's Select
Cut to 110.5° at Bottling
One of Morgan's favorite barrels from the last few years, this barrel of Maker's Select was blended back to a bottle of 1965 Old Fitzgerald Bourbon that was in Morgan's personal collection. It is well documented that Pappy Van Winkle gave the Stitzel-Weller yeast, still design and mash bill used to originally start Maker's Mark to Bill Samuels Sr. Maker's hasn't changed one thing since the day the opened--making Maker's Mark (at least in theory) closer to the original Stitzel-Weller juice than modern Van Winkle bourbon made by Buffalo Trace. Did we got close with our blend? Who knows, who cares. All we know is that it's really f*cking delicious. 

Old Weller Antique
Aged 7 years, Cut to 107° at Bottling
I drank the first OWA barrel at Eight Row Flint so regularly as if it would never run out. It did though, and I've been sad ever since (about a year). Replenishing it took a long time. I will be more judicious this go-round. The only wheated bourbon currently in our single barrel lineup, Weller Antique is always at the top of my favorite's list. This single barrel is just under seven years old and hung out on an upper floor of the rick house. It is so f*cking delicious. Non-chill filtered to maintain as much character as possible. The nose is incredible--don't even try to describe it, just enjoy it. Same goes for the rest. It's complicated, but so enjoyable. I'll do my best not to drink most of it. I'm a sharer like that. - Morgan Weber

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary
Aged 13 1/2 years, cut to 120° at Bottling
For year's, I've begged the good folks at Jim Beam for a proprietary barrel that had more age on it, something that was aged on a lower floor and located in a more central part of the rick house. The bourbon angels smiled down upon us and gave Beam a little nudge, saying, "What about one of the super special Knob Creek 25th anniversary barrels?" In June, we flew out and had a taste with Beam's legendary master distiller Fred Noe. It is singularly the best barrel of anything that I've ever tasted in the Beam portfolio. This ole boy was distilled on February 25, 2004, making it 13 1/2 years old. It was aged in the center of Warehouse X on Beam's main property on Floor 3.

Russell's Reserve - Warehouses K & M
Aged 10 years, Cut to 100° at Bottling
Made and barreled at the same time--spending their lives aging on the fifth floor of rick houses, these two incredible barrels of Russell's Reserve are beautiful examples of how identical spirits can mature differently when aged in separate structures. 

Warehouse K: 10 years old and full of beautiful Wild Turkey traits. Tobacco and spice on the nose with a wonderfully smooth mid palate, tied up by a long, long, evolving finish--for a full 60 seconds that eventually winds up in Peter Pan Peanut Butter Neverland. 

Warehouse M: Heavy rye whiskey spice on the nose, spearmint and wintergreen with a little bit of burnt sugar. Nice caramel on that coats the whole tongue. Completely different clean but long finish, compared to Warehouse K.

1792 Full Proof Bourbon
Aged 9 Years, Cut to 125° at Bottling
Our first barrel of 1792 at Eight Row Flint, and it was well worth the wait. Made in Bardstown at the Barton Distillery, 1792 has more rye in the mash bill than any other bourbon in Sazerac's portfolio. At 125 proof and almost ten years of age, it's a big sucka, but man, it is so balanced and complicated--finishes forever--insane but well-rounded rye spice. Unless you're used to drinking high proof spirits, this old boy is super nice with a little water or ice. 

Treaty Oak
Aged 3 years, Cut to 90° at Bottling 
Our first single barrel of Texas bourbon to make it into our barrel program. This one shows all the promise that Texas whiskey has to offer. At three years in the barrel, it is much younger than our other offerings but has a lot of unique characteristics that beg it to be ordered: nice balance of natural sugars with vanilla, stone fruit and spearmint, with subtle vanilla and orange blossom. This one will be a fun one to monitor as it ages in the barrel. 

Four Roses
Aged 11 1/2 years, Cut to 100° at Bottling
Patience is a virtue, no? Yes, yes it is. From the time we picked this high-rye OESV single barrel, it took damn near a year to get to Eight Row. Four Roses makes ten (10!) different recipes of bourbon, using two different mash bills (one high-rye, one lower-rye) and five different yeast strains, yielding nearly unlimited combinations and flavor profiles. OESV simple notates what mashbill/yeast combination our single barrel is. OESV is one of our favorites. Nicely spicy with a long-ass complicated finish. It is super easy to recommend this sucker, over and over.

Old Forester
Aged 5 years, Cut to 90° at Bottling
Aged on the 6th floor of well-ventilated Warehouse B, this 5-year-old young' is a cigar tobacco spice bomb. Incredibly pleasant on the nose and the palate--with a sophisticated finish that makes it one of the most enjoyable barrels in our proprietary lineup.

Whistle Pig - Eight Row Flint
Aged 11 1/2 years, Cut to 100° at Bottling
Aged approximately 12 years, this 100% Monongahela-style rye is a blend of barrel-finished rye. This blend shows off the Sauternes: 75% Sauternes casks, 20% Madeira casks and 5% port wine casks. Simply put, this is one of the best proprietary selections we've ever had--and we are basically giving it away. 

Aged 6 years, Cut to 90° at Bottling
This one is like stepping on a lego, barefoot, in the middle of the night on the way to the restaurant. Aged approximately 6 years, this is our anti-bourbon bourbon. Iodine and medicinal herbs...the kind that people used to think would cure them, but really wouldn't. Cocaine, dried peaches, rusty paint cans and pecan pralines (New Orleans-style, not Mexican-style). On the finish, it's all Werther's original. The last thing it does is the best thing it does. This is the bourbon that asks a lot. You have to go to this bourbon, it doesn't come to you. 

Elijah Craig - Eight Row Flint
Aged 8 years, Cut to 94° at Bottling
Definitely a non-typical bottling for Heaven Hill of Elijah Craig. If you're familiar with the brand, this will be an intriguing departure from the norm. Not the usual nut-butter nose that you might be used to with the regular releases of EC. This one is apple pie, without the hard spice (no nutmeg, cloves, very little cinnamon). More of that cooked apple and buttery crust action. Fantastic balance of traditional bourbon shit (caramel, butterscotch, Werther's OG). Considering this barrel spent its life on Floor 7 for eight years, it shows a great balance of oak and sugar. This barrel is extremely enjoyable, nicely complicated--a sophisticate for its age. 


Whiskey Flights

Eight Row Flight
After tasting barrel after barrel of bourbon, eventually finding the best and most unique, we bought the whole barrel and brought it back to the Heights. Please enjoy these fine whiskeys hand-selected by Morgan Weber.
Elijah Craig Single Barrel - Weller Antique - Russell's Reserve

"It's All About the Barrel
Follow this whiskey on its path from white corn whiskey into 10-year-old bourbon. All three of these whiskeys use the same traditional bourbon mash bill of mostly corn, finished with some rye and malted barley. Here, we see how the exact same mashbill (recipe) can taste so drastically different, based on where and how long it is aged.
Buffalo Trace - Elmer T. Lee - Eagle Rare 10yr

The Rye Flight
Rye whiskey was the prevalent whiskey of the northeastern states, especially Pennsylvania and Maryland, but largely disappeared after Prohibition. In the United States, “rye whiskey” is, by law, made from a mash of at least 51 percent rye.
Rittenhouse Rye 100 - Whistle Pig 10yr - Woodford Rye

Well-Seasoned Whiskey
Finishing whiskey in barrels that originally housed another spirit is not a new concept. These three selections derive so much of their flavor from their respective barrel finishes: rye in Vermouth and French oak casks, bourbon in Sherry butts, and finally a bourbon in Chinato Vermouth barrels.
Jefferson Pritchard Cask - Belle Meade 9yr Sherry Finish - Whistle Pig Old World Bespoke Blend

Where There's Smoke
For generations, Scottish whisky makers have used peat smoke to dry their barley malt and impart a distinct flavor profile. New craft distilleries in the states have taken this whiskey making tradition to another level by using not only peat but different wood smokes to create big, bold, but still balanced whiskey.
Laphroig 10 yr - High West Campfire - Balcones Brimstone

Fancy Flight
Brough to you by Eureka Heights! (4oz of beer + .75oz of booze)
Moo Caliente - Pierre Ferrand Cigar
Wicket Awesome - Weller 107 Eight Row Barrel
Mostly Harmless - Rey Campero Espadin Mezcal

brandy Flight

Gravenstein Apple - Black Elderberry - Morello Cherry - Muscat